Are the Mavs trying to end their rebuild too soon?

TNT analyst David Aldridge recently joined the GBag Nation on KRLD-FM (105.3) The Fan to talk about the Mavs and the NBA offseason. Here are some of the highlights.

Are the Mavs trying to end their rebuild too soon?

DA: That’s a good question. I think every team has to approach it the way they feel is best. I certainly think getting [Luka] Doncic is a huge chip for them in terms of kind of accelerating the rebuild. So I think every timeline is different.

If they hadn’t have been able to get Doncic and they had taken a Jaren Jackson [Jr.] or one of the really, really young college players, maybe they would be more poised to have a longer view of it. But Doncic I think being ready to play now as I think he is, I think maybe speeds that up by a year or so.

Look, you guys know [Mark] Cuban. You know he’s not going to sit there and just take losing for three or four more years and just be good with it, that’s just not who he is.

If he can goose it a little bit, get a couple of prime years out of DeAndre Jordan and maybe that helps them with another free agent down the road or it helps them create a situation where someone wants to get traded there, you know, they’re going to do it.

It doesn’t surprise me that they’re trying to speed this up as much as possible. That’s kind of how Mark operates, where he’s always been. He’s not really interested in, I don’t think, kind of the gradual three-four year rebuild, ‘We’re in the lottery three or four years in a row, take these young guys and grow them.’ I just don’t think that’s how he’s wired.

Do you think Wesley Matthews has enough trade value in the league?

DA: Oh yeah. I don’t think that would necessarily be a problem. It’s an expiring deal. As long as you’re not taking that extra year.

I think that people now are kind of recalibrating toward 2020 when some of these really bad 2016 contracts that everybody signed come off the books. So as long as you’re not putting money into that summer, I think that people will be willing to take this year, maybe next year, but they don’t have to worry about that. So I don’t think that will be a problem… There will be takers, I think, for that contract because it’s an expiring [deal].

Could the Wizards be looking at Nerlens Noel?

DA: I could see that. Notwithstanding the fact that he and John Wall have the same agent. Again, from the way that they say they want to play, and they do have [Ian] Mahinmi and they’ve got Jason Smith, so it’s not like you’d be bringing in Nerlens Noel or anybody for that matter to play 35-36 minutes a night. What you’re saying is ‘We’re going to have a center by committee. We need a guy to come in and play 18-20 minutes a night.’ And whether Mahinmi or Smith or Markieff Morris winds up playing the other 26-27 minutes, some combination. So a guy like Noel is not going to be coming in to be a 30-plus minute guy that you’re going to thrown the ball into. He’s a guy that’s going to play 15-20 minutes a night probably on a short deal or a minimum deal or maybe a little more than the minimum, but certainly not a whole lot more with their tax numbers.

He’s got to prove himself, he’s really got to establish himself, so it certainly would make sense from that standpoint.

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