Two former players say despite unproven rumors swirling around Pudge Rodriguez, he is a Hall of Famer

Ballzy hosts Kevin Sherrington, Evan Grant and Barry Horn discuss the Rangers with guest C.J. Nitkowski and Billy Ripken.Below are some of the highlights.Don’t miss an episode:Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesOr if you’re on an Android device through RSSFind the Podcast on Stitcher hereWhat’s your view on Pudge [Rodriguez] and the Hall of Fame?Nitkowski: He’s a Hall of Famer. I don’t think the numbers tell us anything else but that and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get in… He’s a Hall of Famer. Johnny Bench, Mike Piazza, Pudge Rodiguez, I think. I mean I’m not a great historian, I don’t claim to be. But am I missing anybody that should be in the top three? Pudge Rodriguez is that guy so for me it’s a no-brainer that he’s a Hall of Famer.I just want to get your take on where the steroid argument falls in terms of Hall of Fame voting.