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The spring of 2015 was a dark time. After years of mailing it in The Orphanage had come to the conclusion that booze and butt was more important than entertaining radio. After a few months of playing manager and trying out different lineups to make it feel like an open convention and not rigged at all, the all knowing Jeff Catlin gave the people what they wanted and settled on Monty and Machine(it didn’t hurt that the two promised to name their first Ticketstock song after their omnipotent PD). And those two industry novices wanted to remind everyone that radio is still better than any audio alternative, thus Not A Podcast was born.
Justin Montemayor, or Ol’ Monty, followed the long line of Ticket employees by beginning his radio career at the University of North Texas.

Following my ugly divorce with my leg I found my calling in the welcoming bosom of The Ticket. I joined the ranks of BaD Radio interns in January 2013 and became the most promising sensation since Freddy Adu. After five months of evading lunch runs, Rich Phillips(R.I.P.) conferred with Bob and Dan and granted me a weekend overnight board operator position. To avoid ADA subpoenas Ticket management let me rise through the ranks to producer, ticker anchor, and eventually part-time David Newbury caretaker on the now defunct Ticket Sports Saturday. During this run I was oft-paired with Machine where we grew chemistry akin to latter years Kobe and Shaq. When The Orphanage finally said their blood alcohol levels were too low I thought who better than to pair with on a show than Mike Marshall?

Mike Marshall aka Machine also graduated from UNT in December of 2010 with an uncomfortable amount of personal debt. The obvious elixir seemed to be a career in radio.

After interning for the Norm Hitzges show back when interns actually did stuff I was hired as an overnight board op and eventually got a shot to produce the Marconi winning Cirque du Sirois Show. This was key because I was about to give up on “this whole radio thing”. Fast forward five years, still in debt from a useless education, I finally got a chance to become a regular weekend host and risk being overexposed. It’s just a matter of time before you all realize I’m a clown. Pairing up with the far more talented Justin Montemayor has proven to be a wise decision and Not A Podcast is certainly better than any other weekend show(according to unverifiable data). I’d like to thank the Sirois brothers, Bob Sturm and physical therapist Mekal. I’d like to thank Ladies Be Trippin’ and Joe Letsche for showing me what not to do.

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