Miss the Major Station Announcement? Danny Balis Leaving the Hardline

Danny Balis announced Wednesday he is leaving the Ticket as Producer of the Hardline. You’re crying, we’re not crying. Something just flew into our eye.

Part of the station for 22 years, Balis’ contributions go back even further than his hire date. Before taking over as producer of The Hardline, Danny was a steady contributor to the station, routinely sending in faxes when he was supposed to be delivering pizzas in Lake Highlands. Yep, faxes. It was the 90s

Danny has made an undeniable impact to the Mothership and the Hardline, using his unique talents mashing up comedy and music to create some of the most magical and wheels off Ticket bits and moments ever. And he was at the center of both the My Pig and She Made Mud stories.

Danny also was a big part of putting together the Ticket Timewasters band and performances.