The Ticket Announces Multiple Moves on the Station

Multiple moves affecting every show on the Ticket were announced during The Hardline on Thursday. 

Starting in the mornings, Sean Bass will be moving into the producer chair for the Norm and D Invasion, while DJ Ringgenberg will take over in The Ticker booth from 5:30 – 12:00pm and will be heard during The Musers and Norm and D Invasion

Ty Walker will now deliver Tickers during both The Hang Zone and The Hardline

Then three moves were announced that will impact The Hardline. 

Gen X Davey Lane will be returning to the station as a co-host of The Hardline with Bob and Corby, as David Mino moves into producer seat and Matt Birmingham moves into Mino’s former position running the board for The Hang Zone and Hardline. 

Jay King will be taking over for Matt Birmingham as host of The Ticket Top 10.

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