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Cutting weight and getting with Keto

It happened again.  I gained a few pounds too many.  And then a few more.  And a few more.  Before long, I had “PR’d” in something where you don’t wish to set a PR.  I had hit an all-time high in my weight.It’s a big number. Bigger than I ever wanted to be. Now, I…MORE

Things That Interest Me – 2019

Things That Interest Me – 2019

Above, is the greatest goal I think I have ever seen in person. David Beckham in his prime with a brilliant chip on my trip to Upton Park in 2002.So, for no other reason than planning for another trip, I recently pulled that game out and posted it up for you. And, while I am…MORE

BaD Radio – Dallas Stars Road Trip – All Time Results

2/14/04 At Pho L 3-22/16/04 At Ana L 1-32/18/04 At LA W 4-33/5/06 At Chi W 7-23/7/06 At Edm W 4-33/9/06 At Cal L 1-03/11/06 At Van W 2-13/21/07 At LA W 4-23/23/07 At Ana OTL 3-23/24/07 At Pho W 4-33/27/08 at SJ OTL 3-23/29/08 at LA W 7-23/30/08 at Ana OTL 3-23/3/09 at SJ…MORE