The Teebox

Saturday Mornings 8am – 10am

The Teebox Golf Show is hosted by Rick Arnett and Craig Rosengarden  of Avid Golfer Magazine.

The Teebox brings a “common man’s” perspective to the popular pastime. Sure, it covers the important leaderboards, latest equipment news, course reviews, and interviews the game’s top names. But it also delivers unique views on what the game sorely needs to be more player and fan friendly.

Rick Arnett is an original Ticket Day – Oner and has been playing golf since he was a wee lad. His scores teeter from decent to deplorable, depending on the wind and his flighty concentration. He believes in collared shirts, but feels no golf rule or legendary icon is too sacred for accountability.

Craig Rosengarden considers himself an expert on golf, but not because he’s any good. Rather, its because he has spent the last ten+ years making golf his life, starting and running the popular AVIDGOLFER Magazine. Want to know the inside skinny on a local golf course, country club, or golf pro, and Craig will likely have the answer. He is also is the Ticket’s All Time E-Brake Winner.

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