BaD Radio


Weekdays Noon – 3pm

“BaD Radio” usually never is. Hosted by Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell along with Donovan Lewis. This trinity of lunchtime sports talk has been together since Donovan joined in 2006. Prior to that Bob and Dan were forced together for middays in 1999 after Bob came to The Ticket in 1998 to host The Ticket’s night time show. He is affectionately referred to as “The Sturminator” and often called a “sports bully” because he constantly intimidates his audience and guests with his encyclopedic sports knowledge, declaring that he’s not “just some dude in the next cubicle over.”

Bob’s odd couple sports show husband is Dan McDowell, a native of Cleveland, Ohio and graduate  of Ohio University. He hosted a midday show in his home state before hooking up with his sports soul mate. It is well known amongst P1 lore that Dan brings the funny, while Bob brings the lunch pail.

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