Texas Motor Speedway Ticketstock 25 is January 25th and 26th at The Plano Event Center

Doors open at Noon on Friday, January 25th and Saturday,



Celebrity Guests Friday, January 25th

Troy Aikman and Jay Novacek


Celebrity Guests Saturday, January 26th

Daryl “Razor” Reaugh

2:30pm on air • 3pm Public Photos

Ticketstock On Air Schedule 

Friday January 25th 12n-8pm 
12n Doors Open to the Plano Event Center
12-2:50pm BaD Radio
2:50-3:15 Why Today Doesn’t Suck!
3:15-6pm The Hardline
6-8pm Ticketstock All Host Roundtables
6:30pm Special Live Roundtable Guests Troy Aikman and Jay Novacek Friday Night 6:30-8pm
Saturday January 26th 12n-9pm

12n Doors Open to the Plano Event Center

12n-6pm Various Ticket Host Roundtables live on Stage

2:30pmDaryl “Razor” Reaugh

6pm The Ticket Timewasters Concert “Greatest” Hits Setlist MC: Mike Doocy


Open Friday 2-5:45pm
Open Saturday 12:30-5pm 
Step inside the Ticket Time Tunnel and be transported back through the last 25 years of
Ticket lore, backstories, and tales that can’t be told on air. All featuring your favorite Ticket guys
and Q&A from Ticket P1s.
Schedule of Panels inside the Ticket Time Tunnel


2-2:30pm: ORIGINS OF THE TICKET: Mike Rhyner, George Dunham & Craig Miller
2:45-3:15pm: ORIGINS: Norm Hitzges, Donovan Lewis, Mike Sirois & Jeff Catlin
3:15-3:45pm: E BRAKES GREATEST HITS: George Dunham, Craig Miller, Gordon Keith,
Mike Fernandez & Jeremy Moran
4:30-5pm: ART OF THE DROPS: Jeremy Moran, David Mino, Trey Mitchell &
Michael “Grubes” Gruber
5:15-5:45pm: ORIGINS-The IRV and JOE GAME: Bob Sturm, Dan McDowell, Jake Kemp,
David Mino & Grubes


12:30-1pm: AMA with the Musers: George Dunham, Craig Miller, Gordon Keith, Mike
Fernandez, Sean Bass & Jeremy Moran
1:15-1:45pm: ORIGINS of WHY TODAY DOESN’T SUCK: Dan McDowell, Bob Sturm,
Jake Kemp, Corby Davidson, Mike Rhyner & David Mino
2-2:30pm: ASK the PD/F the FCC: Jeff Catlin, Gordon Keith, Craig Miller & David Mino
2:45-3:15pm: AMA with Norm and D Invasion: Norm Hitzges, Donovan Lewis, Mike Sirois,
Julie Dobbs & Jeremy Moran
3:15-3:45pm: WHERE’s ???: Jeff Catlin, Mike Rhyner, Corby Davidson, Danny Balis,
George Dunham & David Mino
4-4:30pm: TICKERS ARE FUN: Sean Bass, Julie Dobbs, Ty Walker, Matt Berminham &
Jeremy Moran
4:30-5pm: THE RANT REUNION: Gordon Keith, Corby Davidson, Danny Balis & David Mino


Open Friday 12n-6pm
Open Saturday 12n-5pm 
Visit the interactive Ticket Hall of Fame inside the Plano Event Center.  Photo opps with
the Marconi Awards, never before seen Ticket memorabilia from each show and all the Ticket
guys. Fun with audio. Retro Ticket merch. Old photos and videos. Plus more stuff from George’s
side room, Corby’s side yard, Gordon’s LHO Memorial Closet, Craig’s “closet”, Mike’s Ticket Vault
and the Ticket storage room.

Other Ticketstock Schtick:

Classic arcade games brought to by Free Play Arcade. Test your high scores for free on some

of our childhood favorites. Beat our host’s high scores and you could win a ticket prize pack!

PLUS your chance to win CASH MONEY in our City Credit Union

$2500 Cash Grab contest.


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