The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound Starts Wednesday May 8

Its time…the Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Compound is coming to your ears starting at 3pm on Wednesday May 8th. All nine Ticket hosts go deeeeep into the woods and broadcast from our hidden, undisclosed location through 7pm Friday May 10th.
Take off work, schedule your naps, get loaded up on coffee—whatever it takes to get you by the channel or on the stream so you can listen to the Compound 24/7/3.
All the Shows from the Musers to Norm and D Invasion, BaD Radio and the Hardline broadcast live daily. Plus unscheduled and unregulated Late Night Ticket Shows give way to Deep Night Ticket discussions.
Sleep when you’re dead….meantime just listen….and have fun with the guys hanging out during the Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Campound