The Ticket’s White Elephant Day Wednesday, December 2 from 5:30am-7pm

The Ticket’s Annual White Elephant Day is coming Wednesday December 2nd starting at 5:30am.  It’s a full day of mix and matched hosts, producers, Ticker anchors and board ops.


Kinda like the Ticket’s Holiday gift to the P1s.  One giant day-long Emergency Break!


White Elephant Day Team Captains:

Jake Kemp:  Captain, Team Morning Drive 5:30-10am

Bob Sturm: Captain, Team Middays 10am-3pm

Norm Hitzges: Captain, Team Afternoon Drive 3-7pm


Captains are responsible for who does what when during each shift


White Elephant Day Show Lineup

Morning Drive 5:30-10am: Jake Kemp; Mike Sirois; Corby Davidson, Danny Balis & Sean Bass

Middays 10a-3pm: Bob Sturm; Craig Miller, Dan McDowell; Blake Jones, Gordon Keith & Ty Walker

Afternoon Drive 3-7pm: Norm Hitzges; George Dunham; Donovan Lewis; Julie Dobbs, Mike Fernandez


Board Ops: David Mino 5:30a-10am; Jeremy Moran 10am-3pm; Matt Bermingham 3-7pm


2020 White Elephant Day Draft Final Results

    1. Bob- Craig Miller
    2. Jake- Mike Sirois
    3. Norm-George Dunham

2.1 Norm- Donovan Lewis

2.2 Bob- Dan McDowell

2.3 Jake – Corby Davidson

3.1 Jake – Danny Balis

3.2 Norm- Julie Dobbs

4.1 Bob – Blake Jones

4.2 Bob – Gordon Keith

4.3 Norm – Mike Fernandez

5.1 Bob – Ty Walker