The Ticket Cowboys Training Camp Coverage July 26 – August 4th Live from Oxnard, CA

The Ticket is taking a road trip to California for our annual coverage from Cowboys Camp in Oxnard.

Starting on July 26th at noon, we’ll be there when it all begins with the Cowboy’s State of the Team address as Jerry, Stephen, and McCarthy make their yearly proclamation on this year’s team.

The Ticket team will also be there when Dak works with his new offensive weapons and when Micah makes plays.

So stay by the channel for Ticket fun with all the guys, big-time guests dropping by, and the kind of HSOs you would never hear on Jerry’s station.

It’s Cowboys Camp coverage July 26th – August 5th from the station that is more than good enough to fire a pigskin over those mountains, 96.7 and 1310 The Ticket.

The Ticket’s training camp coverages is brought to you by Macho Self Storage and Airstream of DFW

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