The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Campound Starts June 15

It’s FINALLY time… our first major station event in over 15 months will be The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Campound!


Clear your schedules and put in your sick days now, so you can listen 24/7 from Tuesday, June 15th thru Thursday, June 17th as the Ticket guys will be together, deeeep in the woods, in person for the first time since Ticketstock 2020. Brought to you by Hari Mari, HEGwood Property Tax Consultants and special thanks to Mosquito Nix and Macho Self Storage.


The fun begins in your ears at 3pm Tuesday, featuring all nine Ticket hosts broadcasting from our hidden, undisclosed location until 7pm Thursday.


All the shows – from the Musers to Norm and D Invasion, and Hang Zone to the Hardline – broadcast LIVE daily… Plus unscheduled and unregulated late night Ticket shows give way to Deep Night Ticket discussions.


Sleep when you’re dead! And join us once again for The Woodford Reserve Musers Ticket Campound.


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