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if you don’t like the name, blame Killer Kellison…One has a country accent, the other loves Star Wars.

Ty Walker, aka ‘The Great Beast in His Natural Habitat,’ has been at the Ticket since 2003; starting on Big Dick’s P1 Wild Ass Circus, then moving to BaD Radio and then on to the Hardline where you can hear him on Ticket Tickers from 3-7pm. Ty’s love of Star Wars and pro wrestling is well documented. The 1987 Dallas Sidekicks MISL Championship shaped his life greatly. When he grows up, Ty wants to be an astronaut, Tatu, or Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Despite a heavy southern drawl that makes many think Eli Jordan wandered in from a dirt farm in Buffalo Gap,  he actually grew up in Arlington.   Jordan has been called “the drifter”, also  “the shape shifter”, “the master chef”, “the chameleon”, “the problem child”, “the hard one”, “the white Indian”, and the “giant midget”. Since 2005, he’s held just about every job you can have in the radio business including promotions, overnight board op, production, and now on-air with his partner Ty on the Ticket.

Although grateful for the opportunity to host on America’s best radio station, his one professional regret was being unable to break into the industry when he still had a chance to plunk Ty  at The Great Game.  Also, a contributor for AVIDGOLFER Magazine, Eli enjoys playing golf as much as possible.  When not working, you can find him on the golf course, watching mixed martial arts, failing at fantasy football

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