Cirque Du Sirois

Saturday Afternoons Noon – 2pm

The Sirois’ left their homeland in the late 1980’s to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. The brothers wandered the United States separately, barely speaking, for years.

Then in the Fall of 2009, Cash came to the Metroplex in search of a lock of hair from Bobby Carpenter, whom he still views as a deity.

Mike had met Norm Hitzges, who fed him, gave him clothes, and taught him a passible level of social etiquette.  It was he who now had to be the voice of reason for the brothers.

As the two became closer, they shared sports stories….feelings…and milkshakes whenever possible.

One day, Norm Hitzges entered Jeff Catlin’s “Oxygen Sauna*” and told the boss that the brothers deserved a show on the weekends on The Ticket.

Catlin, barely conscious, assumed Hitzges knew what he was talking about and simply said “Go make show what you think don’t is……”….and then he trailed off…

Norm ran with what he was certain was a direct order to press the launch button on “The Cirque du Sirois Show”….and Team Havin Fun was born!


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