The Shake Joint

Sunday Mornings from 8am – 11am

The Shake Joint was created when the Sunday morning 8-11 time spot was vacated first by Mark Elfenbein and then by the late Scott Harrison and the late Matt McClearin. Sean and Jake were literally the best option at this point, mostly because Mike and Cash Sirois already had their own show. So put an earbud in during church and listen to contentious sports talk with the teacher-student sex story of the day mixed in. Tip your waitress, this is the Shake Joint.

Jake does Mark Cuban’s laundry, and asks “should I take my shirt off while I do it” when the Cowboys brass tells him to jump. He is a homer, but his homerish opinions are at least semi-well-researched. He spends his weekdays producing BaD Radio, and that is why he sounds so defeated on Sunday mornings. His favorite thing about the Shake Joint is that it’s a built in excuse for anyone that tries to press him into playing golf or going to church.

Sean has overcome the adversity of growing up in Mesquite.The nurturing bio-sphere of The Ticket has taken away any chance of earning potential in the real world, starting at KTCK at the tender age of 19. Sean has stuck around long enough become the AM Ticker anchor for the Musers after a run with Norm and BaDD Radio for nearly a decade. Another bi-product of Rich Phillips turning his back on the station resulted in Sean being handed the role of Sports Director (fake management). And, of course, he hosts DiamondTalk after Rangers home games with his friend Ty Walker. However, there is nothing that Sean takes more pride in than talking sports and screwing around with Jake on Sunday mornings.


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