The Ticket’s White Elephant Day 2022

It’s our Holiday gift to P1s…..The Ticket’s White Elephant Day, presented by Kentucky Owl Bourbon and Maverick Motors Wednesday, December 7th from 5:30 am-7 pm. 

Unwrap another gift of wheels-off radio, segment after segment all day long! All of the Tier One Hosts and the Tier 3 Producers, Anchors, and Board Ops have been mixed and matched and drafted for duty!

White Elephant Day Line Up
(as drafted by the team captains)


Davey Lane (Captain)

Junior Miller

Jake Kemp

Sean Bass

Ty Walker


George Dunham (Captain)

Corby Davidson

Blake Jones

DJ Ringgenberg

Mike Fernandez

Norm Hitzges


Dan McDowell (Captain)

Donovan Lewis

Gordon Keith

David Mino

Bob Sturm